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Lenten Discovery Studies [ Available in English and Spanish ]

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Starts in the week of February 23rd in preparation for Lent. The study involves 6 weekly, one-hour sessions with a group of 4-6 people.


This small group study has helped thousands of Canadian Catholics deepen their faith over the last 25 years. It is an opportunity to rediscover the essence of your faith and a personal relationship with God. It also gives you simple but powerful tools to help you share your faith with others.


“As a cradle Catholic, my faith was unsteady and at times my understanding of it was vague and unclear. I had many questions which I didn’t know the answers to. The sessions helped me to have a clear picture of who God is.”
— Salina C. (St. Frances Xavier, Vancouver)
“I realized that my faith was stagnant and that I had reached a point where all of the planning and meetings had shifted from being Christ-centered to being “me-centered”. The sessions arrived at the right time. I need to re-engage in faith formation, in order to bring back Christ as the centre of my life.”
— Jeremy W. (St. Francis Xavier, Vancouver)
“I look forward to the faith study all week. The lessons are always illuminating and the sharing that occurs leads me to a much greater appreciation of the beauty of our faith.”
— Brian H. (St. Clare of Assisi, Coquitlam)

Space is limited

For more information call (604) 254-0691 Attn: Sister Soledad or Alfredo Chu.

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