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Father Richard trip to Philippines and Vietnam

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I guess many of you have heard that I visited Asia during the summer. I preached a retreat to over 20 of the Scalabrinian Seminarians who are studying theology in preparation for ordination to the priesthood. This was in Manila, Philippines. I also visited our postulancy and novitiate in Cebu, another city in the Philippines. I spent five days at our seminary in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Vietnam.

It was a wonderful experience. Asia is a completely different world with a young population reaching into a brighter future. We need not be threatened by them for they are embracing much of our culture. I hope that they do not lose the very unique and rich traditions that are there’s.

I ate a lot of rice and noodles and many vegetables, some of which for the first time.  The diet suited me well and I even lost a few pounds, which I gained again on my return. Read More